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It’s that simple. NOW DO IT.

A simple logo, nothing too fancy.

A simple logo, nothing too fancy.

2 new very rough drafts and one update for some WCYT logos. I like the update I gave to the older blue logo. Once again, I have issues with my color choices and I gave up. These are completely rough drafts and are just ways for me to start to figure out Illustrator. If there is something I have done that does look good and might work, let me know.

Another attempt at making a logo. Suggestions and comments are more than welcomed. Not 100% on the color I want to use.

Another attempt at making a logo. Suggestions and comments are more than welcomed. Not 100% on the color I want to use.

HTML and Illustrator rough drafts.

Lately, during my down time from not working and after recouping from finger surgery, I have been spending a lot of time trying to work out how to code in HTML/CSS and some rough sketches for some logo ideas for the Point 91.1.

I have some basic structure issues within my HTML that I have yet to figure out. I have found it troublesome deciding on when to use px vs % vs em on object size (oh and I still do not have the syntax all memorized yet, I know!) and locations of said objects. I also feel like I might be trying to get too complex before I get down the basics first, I have in the last few days just focused on creating a drop down box from a list just to get frustrated and give up for awhile. Oh well I am starting to get it more and more each time….I think

I have taken a break from HTML for a day now to try my hand at creating a new, simple and straight to the point (ugh) logo for the station. My first try is below. I like it but I feel like I can do better or even fine-tune this. This was my first try at using Illustrator, so I didn’t know the tools that well. I as I was trying to figure out how to make an arrow-point I remembered as an IU student I had the website Lynda, a website that is designed to teach adobe products to people with videos, available to me for free and I had never checked it out before. Was I wrong, this website had training videos for every program imaginable from Facebook to any adobe products even ITUNES! Was I ever excited! So I sat down to start watching a training video on Illustrator and I have learned a lot and I am not even half the way through for Illustrator. I will post my next Logo here in a few days.

My all-time favorite viral video.

Hey man, it's Imel. Saw your post -- let me know if you'd like any advice/guidance/tutelage/whatever with web stuff. Happy to help out if I can :)

Thanks man! Once I get through all of the basics I am sure I will be looking for some tips and pointers.

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